International Scientific and Educational Conference "Curiosity builds bridges"

With an open heart and with great pleasure, I am honored to invite you to the International Scientific and Educational Conference "Curiosity builds bridges", which will take place on September 8-11, 2022 in Poznań. The aim of the conference is to build cooperation and connections between:
  • We want to build bridges between:
  • all those interested in ACT, RFT, contextual behavior science,
  • students of biological, medical and psychosocial faculties,
  • German-speaking and Polish cultural context,
  • science and psychotherapy,
  • research on the human body (i.e. neurobiology, evolution, genetics) and mind (psychology),
  • medical and psychological approach to health problems.

Particular emphasis will be placed on integrating human biology and health research with practical applications of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and other Third Wave CBT approaches.

The conference will also include lectures by renowned scientists and psychotherapists.
David Sloan Wilson, Edmund Sonuga-Barke, Matthew Skinta and Maria Karekla have confirmed their participation in the conference!

We want to share our experience, have fun, train and engage in common values. We also want the conference to provide as many opportunities for professional and personal meeting as possible, even in the face of language barriers, to be able to learn from and with each other. Selected events will be translated into other languages, others will be offered in one, two or even three languages ​​(English, German or Polish).

We plan many accompanying events, i.e. follies, city tours, yoga, and lectures open to the residents of the City of Poznań as well as activities supporting ecology. We send warm greetings.
On behalf of the organizing committee of the conference:

Hubert Czupała
Chairman of the Organizing Committee


Conference Topics

The conference aims to build cooperation between students, scientists and practitioners interested in contextual behavior science, coming from the Polish and German-speaking cultural context.

This year's focus will be on integrating research in human biology and health (i.e. anthropology, neurobiology, evolution, genetics) with practical applications of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and other new 'third wave' behavioral approaches.

The practical dimension of the conference is to be implemented through an open day of the conference during which invited and special guests will give lectures on the development of scientific research on pro-social behavior that has a direct impact on our future as a species, in particular in the context of climate change, the COVID-19 pandemic, the polarization of society and increasing marginalization and exclusion of minority groups.


Curiosity builds bridges

International Scientific and Educational Conference

Important Dates

2022   FEB
2022   APR
2022   APR
2022   AUG
2022   AUG
2022   SEP


Scientific Committee

prof. UAM dr hab. Tomasz Hanć - AMU Poznań, Poland

prof. UAM dr hab. Beata Messyasz - Dean of the Faculty of Biology, AMU - Poland 

prof. dr Andrew Gloster - University of Basel - Switzerland

prof. Paweł Ostaszewski - SWPS University in Warsaw - Poland

prof. David Sloan Wilson - Binghamton University - United States

prof. Edmund Sonuga-Barke - King’s College London - Great Britain

prof. dr Nina Romanczuk-Seiferth - Charité Clinic in Berlin - Germany

PhD Matthew Skinta - Roosevelt University - United States

Ph.D. Maria Karekla - University of Cyprus - Greece

Ph.D. Ronald Burian - Queen Elizabeth Evangelical Hospital in Berlin - Germany

Ph.D. Lidia Natalia Baran - University of Silesia - Poland

Ph.D. Joanna Dudek - SWPS University in Warsaw - Poland

Ph.D. Maria Cyniak-Cieciura - SWPS University in Warsaw - Poland



Organizing Committee

Organizing Committee ACBS Polska:
Hubert Czupała 

Ph.D. Lidia Natalia Baran 
prof. UAM dr hab. Tomasz Hanć 
Berenika Bartkowiak 
mgr Barbara Anna Kossakowska 
mgr Joanna Gawrońska 
mgr Juliusz Połatyński 
mgr Bartosz Kleszcz 
mgr Diana Singh 
mgr Honorata Łukaszewska 
mgr Ewa Bryl
mgr Paula Szcześniewska

Organizing Committee DGKV
MD Jan Martz
Dipl.-Psych. Steffi Be 
Dipl.-Psych. Ralf Steinkopff
MD Nicole Geremek 
Ph.D. Marie Christine Dekoj 
Beate Libera



Due to a large number of submissions, we will send out decisions on abstracts by May 7. Our reviewers and Program Committee are working tirelessly to make the conference program as interesting as possible for you!



We would like to inform you that the deadline for submitting abstracts for the conference has been extended until 11 April! All of you who have not had time to prepare abstracts so far are welcome to use this last opportunity to submit them. Detailed information on the types of submissions and abstracts can be found on the website:



We are aware that the attention of most of us is focused on the ongoing pandemic and the war in Ukraine. Many of us are still facing difficulties related to COVID-19 and are committed to helping Ukrainians. Therefore we have decided to extend submissions to the 28th of March 2022. We look forward to receiving your submissions!  



We invite you to Polish-German-speaking cooperation !!!

As part of the conference 'Curiosity builds bridges' organized by ACBS Polska, DGKV and UAM in Poznań (8-11 September 2022), we invite specialists to establish cooperation with specialists from German-speaking countries represented by the German-speaking branch of ACBS: DGKV. For this purpose, we have created a platform for networking. You can find there offers of cooperation from the German-speaking side, but you can also place your projects and demands. The deadline for submitting abstracts is 14 March. If you have any questions, please contact us via email or FB. In the attached video you are encouraged to cooperate by representatives of DGKV and ACBS Poland.



We are starting today with the registration of participants for the conference and the registration of abstracts. We collect abstracts by March 14th. After this date, it will no longer be possible. We are waiting for you!



We would like to inform you that we have obtained funding under the program of funding visits of outstanding scientists and artists to the city of Poznań implemented by the city of Poznań. Therefore, one of the conference days will be an open day!  

keynote speakers

Honorary Patronage