FAPpy Hour

FAPpy Hour is an annual event at ACBS World Conferences and it allows Conference attendees to break out of formal talks and networking, and to sink into moments of vulnerable and heartfelt connection with another attendee of the Convention. Questions crafted for enhancing closeness and intimacy will be provided so that partners might share responses and leave with a greater sense of belonging and interconnectedness. 

It will take place on Saturday at 17.00 to 18.00.


Follies is a key element of any ACBS conference. In Poznań they will be held on September 10th. Follies is an unusual conference banquet, different from the traditional exchange of contacts. These are a kind of cabaret scenes, seasoned with singing, playful skits, amusing presentations or grotesque films, created by the participants for the participants.
Follies are governed by two simple rules:
  • First of all, brevity, i.e. about 3 minutes for the performance. If you pull the string - our DJ will take you off the stage!
  • Second, the idea is that any aspect of ACT, mindfulness, behaviorism, therapy, RFT, CBS or any person associated with ACT or the CBS community gets a shot on the nose (as in cabaret)!
Follies come from a momentous tradition: in the past "truth" was judged by authorities. Then science came and people started making direct observations to judge for themselves what is real. But of course, human beings like us, loving to categorize and prioritize everything around, began to automatically prioritize people who could directly investigate the truth. This is how the scientific authorities arose. The job of follies is to ensure that no idea or theory, and no person who owns the idea, has the immunity or exclusivity to ask, play and face new challenges.
Dear Participant: unleash your creative power, because the game is that everything related to the world of CBS can be paid off with follies. Alone or as a group, make up your sketch, song, joke in the form of a presentation or performance and send an email to to secure your spot on stage during Follies.
Our golden advice: if you have a happy chant, create a presentation with the text so people can see the lyrics and sing along with you.
If you were looking for inspiration to act, here are videos from previous ACT conferences