Abstract Submission


Information for abstract submission:

1. The submission of abstracts is only possible via the registration form.
2. Only one abstract can be sent per form. It is possible to send several abstracts, each on a separate form.
3. The content of the abstract should include:
- Poster: introduction, method, results and interpretation.
- Lecture: introduction, purpose, issues discussed.
- Workshop: introduction, educational purpose, program, methods of conducting.
- Symposium: general description of the purpose of the 150-word symposium and separate abstracts for all presentations (introduction, method, results and interpretation) 
- Morning activities (meditation, yoga, tai chi, etc.), networking meeting: introduction, purpose, program.
4. The text of the abstract should be formatted according to the template attached below, and its length should not exceed 300 words.
5. The file with the abstract should be attached to the reference form.
6. As the file name please use the registration number of the main author 
7. The selection of abstracts for the conference, after verification in terms of compliance with the conference topic and theoretical and methodological correctness, is made by a scientific committee.
8. Information about the selection will be sent by e-mail by April 14 at the latest.

Download template